Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission



To establish BBMCH as an Institution of Excellence and National Repute by imparting-

  • State of the Art-Medical Education
  • Quality Health Care Services & Community Outreach
  • Research in Important and Relevant Medical and Public Health Issues

So as to create World Class Doctors of Global Competence


To impart High Standards of Teaching and Training –

  • To create Competent, Compassionate and Caring Doctors
  •  Who can provide Quality and Affordable Health Care Services to all Sections of the Society and all parts of the Nation & the Globe.
  • Who can go forward and become Leaders in Health Care Delivery – able to create Guidelines and Treatment Protocols for the State and Country and beyond.

To provide Quality Tertiary Level Health Care Facilities

  • To improve & sustain Tertiary Level Health Care Services, including Out-Patient Services, Emergency Services, and Diagnostic Services & Indoor Patient Services.

To conduct Research on Important Medical & Public Health Issues-

  • To conduct Intramural & Extramural Research on Important Medical and Public Health Issues relevant to the Country.

To support National Health Policy & Programs –

  • To contribute in National Health Programs & Policy Making in health-related issues.
  • To be the Leaders in Health Care Systems preparing Health Guidelines and Treatment Protocols for the State, Country and the World